Vegan Rice Cooker Recipes and Rice Cooker Reviews

Types of Rice

raw white rice

All over the world, different kinds of rice are more popular than others. Having lived in Japan for so long, I’m a big fan short grain rice, which often tends to be relatively sticky. On this page, you can see pictures and descriptions for various kinds of rice available around the world today.

How to Cook Rice

how to cook rice

Using a rice cooker takes the guess work out of making perfect rice every time. While at high school, I sometimes ate dinner at my Japanese friend's house. I remember being amazed that the rice was sticky yet dry. My own efforts used to be pretty disappointing. Looking back, I was using WAY too much water! Now I know better.

Rice Cooker Reviews

rice cooker reviews

If you're trying to choose a new rice cooker and are looking for advice from someone who actually owns the products being discussed, let me be your guide into the world of premium Japanese rice cookers. The ones I know most about are made by Zojirushi.

Rice and Beans Recipes

rice and beans

There are so many options when it comes to rice and beans. Do you want something simple to go with your main dish? Or do you want rice and beans to take centre stage? Some of my all time favourite recipes involve these two classic ingredients. With a bit of herbs and seasoning they can take on so many flavours!

Gluten Free Recipes

gluten free rice cooker recipes

This section is for those of you looking for gluten free rice cooker recipes. You can enjoy a number of the sweet and savory recipes found here. At least half the recipes on this site are naturally gluten free so you still have plenty of options when it comes to all-in-one rice cooker recipes.

Keeping Things Sweet

sweet rice recipes

If you've got a sweet tooth, check these recipes out. They aren't just for dessert. Porridge for breakfast is pretty common. So why not try out a rice porridge? These recipes often make use of the rice cooker's porridge setting. This is a longer cooking cycle which makes everyting nice and soft.

Rice Chili Stew

rice chili stew

I’ve been playing around with this recipe for the last couple of weeks and am finally happy with this version that I’m posting. It was fun learning lots of different ways not to make it. For instance, don’t use too many tomatoes; make sure to add enough [...]

Lentil Kale Miso Soup

lentil kale miso soup

Usually I share all-in-one rice cooker recipes. However for the Virtual Vegan Potluck, I wanted to share something that’s super simple to make and doesn’t require any special kitchen equipment. To ensure there’s a Japanese flavour to this recipe, I chose to make a miso soup.

Sweet Rice Porridge with Dates

sweet rice porridge with dates

This is one of my all time favourite all-in-one rice cooker recipes. As you can see from the recipe, as well as the video above, it is super simple to prepare and only requires two ingredients – three, if you count water. It’s great as a porridge in the morning or as a dessert later in the day.

Latest Rice and Beans Recipes

Latest Rice Cooker Cooking

  • Types of Rice
    Types of Rice
    All over the world, different kinds of rice are more popular than others....
  • cup of uncooked brown rice
    How to Cook Rice
    Before I arrived in Japan, I had no idea how to cook rice...