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Rice Cooker Daal Saag [Gluten Free]

It’s about that time for another Virtual Vegan Potluck! Thanks to Annie, Barb and all the other organizers for putting things together. We have close to 150 vegan bloggers coming to the party!

Daal Saag made in a rice cooker

Daal Saag made in a rice cooker then blended

As the weather is cooling down, I’m enjoying more cooked foods instead of my summertime fruit based meals. Easy one pot cooking is my style. I love my rice cooker for its versatility!

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  1. What! This is awesome! I’m always looking for more ways to use my rice cooker because I love how hands-off it is. So far, I’ve steamed stuff in it and made quinoa (and of course rice). But now I’ll have to add this deliciousness to the list.

  2. Darnit, I still need to get a rice cooker :) This looks simple and delicious and I bet it would be so comforting on a cold, wintry day!

  3. I recently invested in a rice cooker, this is great inspiration on how to use it beyond plain rice! Thank you.

  4. One of my favorite dishes! Can’t believe one can make this in a rice cooker. Thank you, Andy!

  5. Wow, this is genius to make saag curry in a rice cooker; I love it. I also like the idea of adding lentils! I make saag paneer a lot (either with spinach or with kale), but it’s never once occurred to me to combine it with dal, too! Thanks for the inspiration. :)

  6. I am now on a mission to get a rice cooker. Also dig the title and font of your blog. Thank you for posting.

  7. A delicious combination! Thank you for sharing!

  8. Yum. I love lentils and curry. I never thought to make this in a rice cooker. Happy VVP!

  9. Looks fantastic! Perfect comfort food :)

  10. Oh, this looks amazing! I love that I can make this in my rice cooker. For years, I’ve been asking for a rice cooker with a timer like the one I had while teaching in Japan. I finally got one this past October for my birthday. It’s a Zojirushi. So far, I’ve only made rice and oatmeal. I’m looking forward to making your daal saag very soon!

  11. Ooohh this looks so good & super healthy! I’ve only been using my rice cooker for strictly rice so this will be fun to try out. :)

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