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  1. those are just overpriced unreliable crap. my NP-HBC10 failed after 3 years of light usage. started to make very wet rice. no warranty anymore, service is way to expensive, costs price of half of the unit. never again. go and buy nice non-indiction rice cooker that will work for 20 years for you with no stupid computer boards to fry…

    • Sorry to hear your rice cooker was a dud. I know what it’s like to buy an expensive electronic product, for it to fail after the warranty has run out. Two years ago, I bought a Garmin GPS watch for running. After less than 18 months, the GPS stopped working! Most people don’t seem to have this problem, but mine did. As far as my rice cookers goes, I’ve been using my NP-GBC05 heavily for close to 5 years and it has been a work-horse for me :)

  2. Got my Rice Cooker from Amazon and I really love it. One happy lady here.

  3. I would like to buy, and worried about Nuclear radiation 2011 Japan, Nuclear radiation would affect Zojirushi Rice Cooker?? anyone got any suggestion.

    • Hi Paul,

      Not all Zojirushi rice cookers are made in Japan. You could contact Zojirushi in your country and ask where their machines are made.

  4. Andy,

    I live in Australia and I am seeking a 220-230 Volt Zojirushi 5.5 cup rice cooker. Are you aware of an international supplier? Thank you in advance for your consideration.

    Kind regards,


    • We are Zojirushi seller at which supplies all the Zojirushi rice cooker that runs on 220-240v. For example the international model for HTC10/18 will be HTQ10/18. And we ship to Australia.

    • I’ve got the same problem. Apparently Tiger cookers are easier to come across in Sydney (downstairs from Marigold Restaurant in Haymarket) and Melbourne.

      This eBay store is mentioned a few times on the forums where Australians ask about 220-240V Zojirushi cookers. The problem is the astronomical price, especially compared to the US. The postage is also about $100 which just seems outrageous to me as it comes from Singapore. I’ve just asked the seller whether the cooker is made in Japan.

      I also found this a useful forum discussion.

      I’m actually just about to send back an Amazon US cooker that was sent out to me – they didn’t specify the voltage which is, of course, 110V.

      Good luck!

  5. I also have the NP-GBC05 and i’ve been using it pretty much on a daily basis since i bought it 7-8 years ago and its makes rice flawlessly every time. it makes cheap rice taste way better than it should and premium rice taste out of this world. I honestly thought i was over paying for something that i probably wouldn’t use much when i bought it, but as it turns out it was one of the best investments I’ve ever made!


  6. Looking to purchase a 3 cup induction model but must be suitable for the UK voltage. Does anyone know of a supplier?

  7. Do u happen to know what the Japanese model for the ns-tsc10 is?


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